Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things we should do to save beautiful nature

In the world, a lot of tourist spots exists and almost, they may be places where have to do with nature. Some nature spots live with the earth and many animals contain us, occasionally help us, trouble us, delight us and were prayed by us, others was passing in a long time without any relation with human.
We have to preserve both of the nature in the next generation. But the nature are susceptible to state of surroundings environment. Besides preserving them, we discharge toxic waste, substance and pollute them. In bad case, we have time to exterminate a species. The environment is changing as how the present people treat them and act in there.

For example, Salar de Uyuni is on the verge of a crisis which may destroy the beautiful view in there.
Salar de Uyuni has a lot of Lithium resources. The worth of Lithium-producing district in the Salar de  Uyuni is getting higher in the world, in addition time is paid attention to increase. But Salar de Uyuni is in Bolivia, this country is a poor country in the South America. Why Bolivia is so poor country? Because Bolivia has a vast amount of natural resource, Lithium in Salar de Uyuni which is estimated about 9 million tons, on the other hand Bolivia do not have a technology and capital to put to practical use. Chile and Argentina, other countries around Bolivia have begun to produce and export their natural resources already. Atacama salt lake, which is in Chile, is developed by not only chilean company but also foreign companies, so the production seems to be lively.

Bolivia may be irritate compared to such countries, however Bolivia seem to be keeping foreign countries at arm's length from Bolivian industry. Because the history which occupied and exploited by Spain was long, so Bolivia is negative for cooperation with foreign countries. But in 2012, June, Bolivia decided to cooperate with Korea in the field of production of Lithium. So the development will  advance steadily in Salar de Uyuni.

Pond of evaporation in Atacama salt lake

From this thing, Salar de Uyuni is apprehensive about destroying the beautiful nature. How to produce Lithium use wells and pond of evaporation. At first, the salt water pumped up from about 10 meters below the ground of Salar de Uyuni evaporates moisture automatically in pond of evaporations in about 1 year. Next, the salt water which became high concentration of Lithium is carried to the factory and it is produced Lithium carbonate and Lithium hydroxide. In those processes, Salar de Uyuni is buried in the ground. Will it pollute the water?

Water pollution are caused outflow of contaminant by people mainly in the world. For example, at recent, air pollution in China is talked about and at the same time, China is suffered from water pollution. The cause is the outflow of a chemical fertilizer and contaminant. The accident were happened in many countries contain Japan. Not only it damage to nature, animals and ecosystem but also health of people. We have to take responsibility for thing human make and nature human live with.

So I think it is the most important to look the present situation in the face. We can not grasp understand real situation from the picture and news in daily life. If we see reality, we become to bring ourself to act for saving nature. But almost people are hard to do it, by way of compensation, I think that people should acquire knowledge about nature. And we look our life again, come up with various ideas to decrease waste. Many people act and it is exactly, "Many a little makes a mickle" In addition, we almost have a useful device, Internet, so contribute any system and write our activity we can.

A man people in the world may read it and know what is the nature. The thing spread out a few and I think it leads to big movement in the world.

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