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Salar de Uyuni is in Bolivia

As you know, Salar de Uyuni is a famous salt lake (often is called salt flat). It placed in near the top of the Andes, the southwest Bolivia. And more, Bolivia is a country has a cultural worth in South America. In this article, I will introduce about Bolivia from some point of view of culture, economy, nation and so on.

Bolivia is close to Brazil in the north and the east, Argentina in the south, Paraguay in the southeast, Chile in the southwest and Peru in the northwest. It is a landlocked country and has been influenced by many countries. The history dates back to the about 1,500 B.C. In those days, the Tiwanaku (Tiahuanako) culture and so on were prospered. From the 12th centuries to the 15th centuries, some Aymara countries became prosperous around the coast of Lago Titicaca (Titicaca lake). At that time, those countries were conquested by Inca empire, its real name, Tawantin Suyu. But in 1532 Tawantin Suyu began to be colonized by Spain. It is called the colonial policy was so violent and the number of  native people, not only Tawantin Suyu but also Azteca and Maya civilization, were very decreased. Native people were worked badly as the work force of Potosi silver mine and more, treated cruelly at other things. In that time, native people seemed to almost die out. After that, Bolivia made way for independence from Spain but wars that matched against various countries in South America broke out and internal and political disputes happened, so the confusion continued for the time being. At recent, some disputes fight over natural resources that being developed often happened.

With seeing the passage of history, you can see the state of affairs has changed terribly very much in Bolivia. That thing does not know if it is a cause, Bolivia is a developing country that is in a lowest level of development in SouthAmerica now. Although Bolivia has plentiful natural resources, so Bolivia produce tin, oil and natural gas at recent. And more, vast amount of Lithium discovered in Salar de Uyuni, so many countries began to pay attention to the valuable worth of Bolivia in recent years.

In addition, Bolivia has some peculiar culture and cultural heritage. For example, Tiwanaku (Tiahunaco) remains are famous. It is the remain that left and tell about Tiwanaku culture. It has been researching to solve the history by person doing research now. In other places, the streets of Potosi passed some ages, Noel Kempuff Mercado National park has some environment is influenced by some forests of each climates, historic city of Sucre has scene of beautiful street and so on. They are world heritage all. It is not contain in the world heritage, but Salar de Uyuni is visited by many people, too. Many people visit to there for sightseeing. The tourists are looking forward to not only them but also  the music which is famous in the world, folklore. Folklore is called that the Andes district originated and valuable one that the carnival became world heritage. This music is spirited and rhythmical.
The point of view are many in Bolivia. There has character of itself.

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