Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be careful at Salar de Uyuni!

When you arrive tourist spot where is beautiful scene, do you often captivate the scene?
We have some cases that take our eyes off in various times. The thing often happen wherever we go, specially, in tourist spots. The thing caused sad happening occasionally. In the same way, the accident happened in Salar de Uyuni.

In May 1, 2008, a traffic accident occurred at between Isla de Pescado (an island in Salar de Uyuni) and a salt hotel. This accident is a small scale but 13 people died there. The cause is two vehincles collided head-on, blew up and went up in flames. The car was rode in 5 Japanese people, a guide, a driver and the other side, there were 5 Israeli people, a cook, a driver. A cook drove in the car were Israeli people survived in the accident miraculous with seriously hurt.

The scene of the accident

Why did the traffic accident happened? The detailed the state of affairs about the accident at the time was not clarified, so I referred to a blog was written about this that heard from guides are on-the-spot. So there is no positive proof that it is true absolutely.

The tour of Salar de Uyuni almost use car which is used gasoline and is filled up the gasoline tank . Because there is high area above the sea and needs strong horsepower, so it is one of a necessary article. In addition, Salar de Uyuni is a vast plane where is no gasoline stands, people and towns for the time being. The people who pass on Salar de Uyuni must prepare for the case whatever happens and when the tour take a few days, some tanks of fuel load onto the car, often propane gas to use for cooking. If each cars prepared such things had a head-on collision each other, I think that they can not are saved from the explosion and fire. But a strange point is in the accident.

 Please look at the upper part of the picture. In the picture, around there is no obstacles and things. Cars advanced the plane there is no road which is decided. But two cars collided here.

After investigation of the corpse of the driver, the driver was detected by alcohol. In addition, another driver who only survived just finished three days tour and was so tired, so fell asleep at the wheel. Which the car collided first? Now the driver ran away. The report on the accident could not written and the protest against it did not work well because the other party is the government of foreign country.
In the victim, a young woman who was supposed to get married to soon contained. She would placed that the tour was the last tour as a single woman. The bereaved family said "We fight against it to investigate the truth"

The memorial tower

We can not know when the traffic accident happens. Salar de Uyuni is a place many people are becoming interested in gradually. People who visit there may increase. We must care in Salar de Uyuni and wherever we go on a trip in the same way.


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