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Several salt lake and rock salt in the world

There are a lot of salt lakes (flat) in the world, some other place, differ from Salar de Uyuni.

For example, the dead sea is famous for us. The dead sea has water containing a high concentration of salt. So, when man go into the water, man float on the water not to go down.
The specific gravity of a lake becomes large and lift becomes high because of a high concentration of salt.

The other famous lake is Caspi sea.

Caspi sea is the biggest salt lake in the world.
The area is 374,000 square kilometer. The amount  of water which can collect is 78,200 cubic kilometers! This number means 40~44 percent of water of lake in the world.
The lake that scale is the biggest is raised Caspi sea in the world.

Well, salt of Salar de Uyuni have some strange features.
First, the salt is beautiful pyramid shape. Uyuni is about 3,000 meters above sea level. So there are almost not factory, industrial institutions and it is called that the air is perfectly clear. The salt may be natural. Second, salt of Salar de Uyuni contains many mineral. With being deep sea, the amount of mineral containing in water and the number of kinds of mineral increase.
The body of human can not make ingredients of mineral. Specially, Salar de Uyuni contains a lot of lithium that is medicine for melancholia depression. Other, one of ingredients of mineral, palladium and neodymium which are used medicine of incurable disease. The salt is in very good hearth for people.

Andes have some other several salts for topographical changes by now.
It is Rose salt. This salt is called the salt of Andes for 300,000,000 years. It is the salt which carried out the pulverization of ther harite which ancient deep sea (2,000~3000 meter) rose up, and sea water crystallized automatically as it was. In addition, this salt contents many iron especially (10 more times of ordinary salt), it became red color autmatically and it is called Rose salt. It is said that this salt is generally sold and used in the store. The salt of the Andes is the good barance of the quantity of sodium and the mineral.

Do you know the art of rock salt?
It is Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine spread around like the nest of an ant that it is depth of about 300 meter dug to mine salt, and the remains of a tunnel which attain to 300 kilometers of the total extention is exhibited as an underground museum.
This remain is the beauty was not necessasrily evaluated. But the salt exploited here brought immense wealth to the Poland Kingdom, and changed the world by it.
Many people are relation to production and work in this remain, so, it is called industrial heritage. In 1978, it is registered one of world heritage.

The first place to see is Kinga chapel. The work in a salt mine was danger. Therefore, some chapels were built in order to pray for safety in a salt mine. There are spaces in order to pray and the salt wall of the chapel was sculpted the scene of the New Testament. This work was done by coal miners, but it can see one of great art.
The salt have inrteresting feature.

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